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The new educational focus of Remembering When is to provide helpful information, ideas and to share learning experiences.  To use knowledge and understanding as the tools to bring the everyday reality of Alzheimer’s disease to the public. To dispel the mystery of memory loss and how easy it is to help one another when we understand what’s happening.


The goal for Remembering When’s blog is to share tools. To spread knowledge not just about Alzheimer’s disease, but how to live with it day to day. It’s a building project, and the most important tools are knowledge and understanding.

Personal History

If genealogy connects the branches of ‘The Family Tree,' Personal Histories (PH) are the leaves. The tree comes to life with the rest of the story, the personal touches that connect the past to the present and future.

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The Alzheimer's Educational Toolbox you've been needing. Check out the latest information.


Book Elaine to speak to your group, organization or facility on a variety of important topics.

Inner Eye

Discover, learn and share insights into the daily lives and experiences of families and individuals dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Learn helpful tools to face the difficulties related to their ‘new normal’.

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Every 65 seconds someone develops Alzheimer's
Million Americans are living with Alzheimer's
Billions of $$ to battle Alzheimer's in 2018
Million Congress allotted for research in 2019

What our clients say

Elaine puts so much entertainment and interest into her stories. They are full of extra information about historical items we never learned in school. Residents always ask, ‘When is she coming back?” Also, in working on our ‘Remembering When’ stories, she did interviews, organized and wrote bios on the residents of our community that everyone enjoyed doing. We learned so much about each other. It was a great entertainment hit for all.

Elizabeth H.

Elaine made my pretty regular life sound interesting! I gave ‘my book’ to everyone at Thanksgiving. It was a surprise to see some of my grandchildren start to read it right then.

Bill B.

Never thought I’d talk on a video, but Elaine made it easy. Her encouragement was a big help.

William T.

About Elaine

Elaine is an active volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association Speaker’s Bureau. Her focus is to educate the public on all aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease and how it can affect a family. She’s a facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association’s, Changing Gears and Stress Busters programs. She also leads the support group at AT&T Baylor Memory Center in Dallas.

On January 8, 2019, the Greater Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, awarded Elaine the CARES trophy for her Commitment, Advocacy, Research, Education and Support for the Dallas and Northeast Texas region. In June 2018, in Washington DC Elaine, with 1200 other volunteers, attended the Alzheimer’s Forum. Their goal, to visit and encourage all members of Congress to promote the importance of Alzheimer’s research.

That’s current events. Before all that, Elaine grew up in a military family. Her dad, an army officer, was stationed at different military bases across the United States and Germany. Naturally, the family was exposed to history and different cultures.
Growing up with all the military travel, Elaine still made her own connection with her grandmothers. Over the years, when the opportunity was there, in college or raising a family, she volunteered at nursing homes. Even bringing her young son to play checkers with the residents. Through these years, Alzheimer’s took the lives of her grandmothers and mother.

History was a part of her life, but it was her dads’ love of genealogy and the use of the ‘new’ internet that sparked an interest in family history. Eventually, with her dad, those two interests connected with distant family relatives in Germany.
It wasn’t long before she discovered APH, the Association of Personal Historians, became a certified instructor in Guided Autobiography then later, to improve her public speaking, became an active member in Dallas Toastmasters.

In the last few years, with time and research, that’s lead to work as a historical story teller. Elaine has a way of making historical events and personalities interesting and entertaining. She takes that talent to clubs, churches, senior communities and other interested groups.

Using what she learned in Toastmasters, she became a volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association. The time was right.

It’s an easy fit for Elaine to combine personal history, the education arm of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Speaker’s Bureau and her historical storytelling. It all works together.