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A New Direction for Remembering When

Living with Alzheimer’s

There’s a new focus at Remembering When. Personal History will play an important supportive role as part of its educational toolbox. Living with Alzheimer’s will be the educational building project.

The goal for Remembering When’s blog is to share tools. To spread knowledge not just about Alzheimer’s disease, but how to live with it day to day. It’s a building project. The most important tools needed, how to use knowledge and understanding.

As a Historical Storyteller and Personal Historian, a lot of time is spent with seniors. Experience was built as a volunteer at a memory care community. That turned into a part-time job. Then, as a Toastmaster, it was an easy step to be part of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Speaker’s Bureau. Interest and knowledge grew. Next came assignments as a facilitator to the Alzheimer’s Association’s Changing Gears program and follow up support groups. Work with the Center for Brain Health and Baylor Memory Center have all provided additional learning tools.

At Remembering When, questions will be addressed. What does exercise, diet, meditation and socialization have to do with Alzheimer’s? Is there a difference in dementia and Alzheimer’s? How to deal with hearing repeated stories and what to do when they drive you nuts and suggestions on what to considered when making future financial plans. Watch for updates on research and what’s being done.

Let’s see what develops. Watch for posts on new activities, new tools and how to use knowledge to improve lives. We’ll do our best to help explain your concerns and frustrations.

Looking forward to your support,

Remembering When

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