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Historical Storyteller

There’s always more to a story. If the subject is Samuel Clemons, what else is there to know about him? Why did he choose to use the pseudonym Mark Twain? He wrote Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer but what about A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court or The Innocents Abroad?

There’s more to Ben Franklin than flying a kite and signing the Declaration of Independence. What’s the rest of the story behind the 1936 Berlin Olympics, besides the success of Jessie Owens? What do you remember about the 1950s…music, politics, movies and more?

Presentations are geared to different audiences that range from a Rotary Club, church group, a company or school ‘lunch and learn’, a sorority, garden club or children’s learning center. Assisted Living or Independent Living communities are also wonderful.

No matter the audience the goal is to engage listeners with questions and answers which enables everyone to learn, to stimulate curiosity and to understand each other.

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Alzheimer’s Association Speaker’s Bureau

To educate the public, the ALZ Assoc. has several teaching tools. One successful team of volunteers is its Speaker’s Bureau. Free education programs range from Knowing the Ten Signs to Communication, Understanding Dementia and several others. For more information or to book a presentation go to Contact Us.


Personal Historian or PH Coach

Set up a free consultation to discuss needs and expectations.


  • Is the history about an individual –
    • couple, family or a special event?
  • Will it be a book format, video or both?
  • Is there interest to arrange a media transfer? Audio, 8 mm film or VHS to DVD or to digitize family photo albums?
  • Would the family be interested to do some of the production work?
  • A client may prefer a PH coach to help provide planning services to produce their own family history.


Free family consultation – learn the importance of an individual’s life story.

  • Personal non-medical visits with home bound individuals/or a family member with beginning issues of dementia.
  • Visits are scheduled minimum once a week for two consecutive hours.
  • Minimum eight week sessions.


90-minute training sessions for:

  • Family caregivers
  • Non-medical caregiver services
  • Senior residence staff members