March 2019 – A First Step

It’s been an encouraging week, listening to people learn from one another. To see how lows can turn into highs.

  • “I need classes in dealing with aging parents!”
  • “The constant repetition drives me crazy. I want to be better but some days I can’t stand it.”
  • “How do you do that? The way you react with her is so easy. That’s what I need to learn!”

Over the last week, each comment was heard in different surroundings. They’re each different yet related.

The last one, “How do you do that?”. The answer given…

Over time, I realized it’s easier to be part of her world than to force mine on her. It’s just natural now I guess.”

He made it sound easy and it can be, but it begins with understanding and dedication. It begins with who we are inside.

Once we make up our minds to do something, it gets done.

That includes:

  • Getting taxes done
  • Losing weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Dealing with an aging parent.

Which diet is best? The one that works. The difference in all the others? Inside, you made up your mind to do it.

How do we tap into the desire to change? How do we learn to live differently?

It begins with a personal effort that comes from inside. To develop who we are and what we want to be (when we grow up).

Meditation helps. Now don’t let the word ‘meditation’ scare you. It’s not just sitting cross-legged in a dark room with soothing music playing.

Meditation can be:

  • A long walk
  • Smiling at someone in the check-out line at the grocery
  • Not getting upset when a car cuts in front of you
  • It’s being grateful

It’s finding the positive around us as often as possible. Most important is to understand the importance of being open to change.

Dealing with ‘an aging parent’ or spouse is stressful, that won’t change. But those dealing with it every day can change. To accept change, we must welcome it.

 For a few moments of our life now, we learn to deal with their forever new life.

It’s painful to watch a loved one slip away. Even if a family was not close in the past, going forward, that can change. No matter the family relations, when parents are gone, they are missed.

Recognize this second chance. Use the opportunity to build relationships for the new decade ahead. It will benefit everyone, family, friends, doctors, those who support you.

This is done with faith. Now don’t let the word ‘faith’ scare you. Faith is the strength of trust. People find the strength of faith in different ways. It can be a religion, for others it may be a spiritual reality, a higher place. It’s a way to find God, the strength within to find ourselves.

It takes time but it is possible to find a way by taking, A First Step.